Dashboard & BI Requirements Design

Here is a template and an example for Dashboard & BI Requirements Design:   Vision: Optimize profit by optimizing lead funneling process: Reduce Costs. Increase Profit.   Sub-Objectives: Lead Source Optimization Marketing Optimization Call Center Optimization Future: Call Center Internal Optimization Actor Lead Manager Campaign Director Campaign Director Internal Call Center Manager Objectives Choose best and[…]

SQL Functions

SQL functions are functions that return one or more data points when they are called. They can be called within the queries. There multiple types of functions: Scalar Functions: Returning one value. Like Len() function. In-line Table-valued Functions (ITVF): You can call as tables. CREATE FUNCTION s1.F1(int @b1) RETURNS TABLE AS RETURN SELECT a FROM T WHERE[…]

Online BI Learning Resources and Technologies

Actuarial Expertise: Advanced statistics Analytical concepts leveraging emerging data sources Business Continuity and Crisis Management Capital estimation/capital management Corporate Data Warehouse Data structure, aggregation and reconciliation Decision Trees Demand and elasticity modeling Eagle Eye Emblem Financial and insurance acumen Financial planning Financial statement analysis Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) Geospatial modeling IGLOO/Remetrica/@Risk Insurance pricing Location intelligence[…]

Good Resources for BI Opportunities

Here I will list some websites and resources on the BI Opportunities, starting from Canada:  monster.com  workopolis.com  Jobboom.com  indeed.com  linkedin.com  jobs.gc.ca  jobbank.gc.ca  emploiquebec.qc.ca  ville.montreal.qc.ca/jecodemaville  careers.deloitte.ca  neuvoo.ca  maxeor.ca  JobGO.ca  jobs-emplois.gc.ca/centres/ specialized-specialize-eng.php  agiledss.com jobbank.gc.ca  emploiquebec.qc.ca  simplyhired.com  taleo.net  itjobs.ca  jobs.getross.com  cgi.njoyn.com  torontojobs.ca  stackoverflow.com  JobShark Canada MS  Jobs.ca  Hot Jobs  Excite.ca  Dice.com  HRPAO  Craigslist.ca  Kijiji CareerBuilder.com  AltaVista.ca  Career Click  pharmaceutical.ca[…]

BI Roles and Responsibilities

Here I list some of the BI Roles and Responsibilities I know, and which may help my peers to design their best career plan. Career Level Student Junior Experienced Manager Director / Lead Senior Director – C level   Top profiles: Enterprise Architect, Business Product Manager: • University degree, MBA preferred, in marketing, business intelligence, management or related field[…]

Data Masking

Data masking is the process of changing a copy of the production data into SIT and UAT environments in order to make it anonymous. This serves different purposes, most importantly: Protecting the privacy of the production data while providing realistic data values and formats. There are multiple methods for data masking, and it also depends on the . Randomization[…]