Qlik Sense Data Integration

To integrate data into Qlik Sense, choose “Add data” from the secondary menu. The following screen will show: Let’s choose OLE DB for our example. The following screen will show: You can set the data source connection parameters and hit the arrow button at the bottom of the screen. Now you can choose or change[…]

Exploring Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik has different solution families, main ones are: Qlikview and Qlik Sense. The latter has different family members: Desktop, Cloud, Enterprise. In this post I will cover installing and configuring the Qlik Sense Desktop. Qlik Sense Desktop is a self-service BI tool that can be installed on a windows machine. Except for the data acquisition[…]

Qlik Management Console – User Directory Connectors

One can integrate user directories to Qlik to give the organization’s users access to Qlik. This can be accomplished by creating User Directory Connectors. User Directory Connectors can be accessed from the main QMC start menu. User directories have types depending on their sources (SQL, Excel, Active Directory, etc.): One can create or modify user[…]

Qlik Management Console – Tasks

Tasks: – One can create tasks reload data in them into applications, basically to refresh the application with new data. There are also tasks to sync (refresh) User directories, if your user directory for example is external (like Active Directory). One can access the Tasks from the main QMC dropdown menu: When creating or editing[…]

Qlik Management Console – Security Rules

[Qlik] QMC Security Rules: One can remodel the security to enable only consumers to manage objects of published apps of their names and in Streams corresponding to their UserDirectory, that disable access to data load editor for security. You can access the Security Rules window from the main QMC dropdown list under “Manage Resources”. For[…]

Qlik Management Console – Proxies

[Qlik] Qlik Sense (and Qlikview too) has a admin panel called: Qlik Management Console. The admin can use it to manage contents, resources, governance, and the whole system. You can acces by browsing through: https://[object 1]/QMC Proxies:A proxy is a gateway for users to access Qlik. This proxy can be identified by its ports, it[…]