6 Sigma: QFD, FMEA, Correlation & some other tools

Qualitative tools:   QFD: Quality Function Deployment. Table customer requirements on columns against design/solution components on rows, mark each requirement with a importance score of 1 to 5, and mark each impact/contribution of components to each requirement with a score 1 to 5. Then multiply the two scores and prioritize components based on the produced[…]

Six Sigma: DMAIC methodology

Define: problem. Business case. Scope. Defect. CTQ: Critical-To-Quality factors (a.k.a KPIs). Risks. Current & to-be process maps. Deliverables. Focus the issues again on the problem definition to filter out CTQs. Tools: Project Charter. To generate CTQs: SIPOC, Fishbone, Process Flow. Process Mapping. To filter CTQs: QDF. FMEA. Pareto Chart (80-20 rule: 80% of errors can be[…]

6 sigma: Introduction

Quality: What is quality? The answer depends on each party’s perspective. Perspectives on Quality: Design perspective: maximizing features. Customer perspective: conformance to my needs. Process perspective: conformance to requirements (managerial effort to make requirements=>customer needs). Quality attribute examples: Conformance. Perfection. Performance. Reliability. Maintainability. Durability. Perceived Quality. Aesthetics. Statistical Process Control (SPC): control variations. Cost of (good/bad) quality.[…]