SAS Statistics

From Tasks > Statistics > Summary Statistics. Data Tab:  Roles > Analysis  Variables: Classification Variables: attributes to categorize your statistics. Settings for the analysis. Tabs for the code – Log and Results. OPTIONS tab: – To select the statistcs to calculate: Mean, median, variance, etc. Plots > Histograms. Density curve. Kernel density estimates. Code: PROC

SAS Graphs

Tasks > Graphs > Plot graph Data Tab: Data: To select the data set. X variable: To select the x axis. Y variable: To select the y axi. This provides the correlation analysis. Then optionally, to provide a comparative analysis: Group variable: To select a group to group the data with (color certain points with different colors[…]

SAS Table Manipulation

Libraries: They group Just like databases or schemas in SQL. Syntax: Library1.table1 The “work” library is library that holds the temporary tables (like temp DB). Create a column DATA library1.table1; set library2.table2; col3=col1-col2; /**/ RUN; Set a column length LENGTH col1 $ 10; /*default numbers is 8 Bytes, floating point*/ RUN; Format Column FORMAT total comma9.2 birth_Date[…]

SAS Import File

Import a CSV file to SAS server Click Server Files and Folders > New > Import Data. Then choose your file to upload to the server. Tryout the CSV file before you create a table of it: DATA TRYOUT1; INFILE ‘s:Dataf1.cvs’ DLM=’,’ FIRSTOBS=2; /*data is delimited by INPUT Col0 $ Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4 Col5 $; /*list[…]