Many-to-Many (M2M) relationship in PowerPivot. And Multiple M2M’s!

Here and here are two examples to solve 1-step M2M relationship in PowerPivot using DAX language. Multiple M2M in PowerPivot: To solve multiple M2M >> use nested Calculate multiple times, each time for 1-step M2M. Example: Promotion – Product – Order: Order is M2M with Product. This necessitates another table to materialize this M2M relationship. Let’s call it:[…]

Installing PowerPivot and Pre-requisites

1. For Excel 2013 and 365: One of the following versions installed on user machine: Office Professional Plus 2013 Office 365 ProPlus Office 365 Enterprise E3 Office 365 Enterprise E4 Then here is a nice reference on how to activate it and troubleshoot it: For Excel 2010, ironically the PowerPivot is free of charge,[…]