Finding good job opportunities

Here are some advice to remind myself of my experience, but which could also benefit other specialists in BI domain but also in other domains:

When choosing the company, look for all these aspects:

  • Check the company’s reputation: Google about it, Glassdoor it, Linkedin it. Check people who happen to have worked in the company: Check how long they stayed there, and ask them: if most of them don’t answer you, they probably have negative opinion about it. To check them, check the job description, and in the job interview, whether phone or in person: prepare to ask the right questions, record what you hear, there will be hidden messages, you can verify them, otherwise: amplify them. Again check this in the job description and in the interview and linkedin experience of people who worked there.
  • Technical – Technologies: Choose a good combination of technologies you have good experience with, with new technologies that are in demand and you can learn there. So that you have great position but you can also learn new things every day.
  • Engineering: Look into the SDLC: Is it Agile – Scrum – XP – etc. Check the version control process, requirement engineering process, whitebox/code QA process, blackbox QA process, deployment process, documentation process, adoption process.
  • Managerial: Look into who will be managing you, who you will be work with the most, who your internal clients are: check them. Can you evolve into higher management easily. How decision making is performed. What type of manager you will find: emotional, analytical, social, etc.
  • Form an exceptional CV design.
  • If you really like the job, make the effort to write a cover letter: prove in it why you really liked the job, and why they should hire you.
  • Choose your work model: Employee – Contractual – Employee for a consulting company recruiting you for only one or more missions – Incorporated – Building your own company and partnering with others – etc.

Hope this helps kicking off your job filtering.

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