Giving access to Run SSIS Packages

To give access for users to run SSIS packages, follow these steps:

– From windows start menu search, find and access this file: Dcomcnfg.exe
– Access > Console Root > Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config > Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (right click) > Properties > Security Tab >
Launch and Activation > Edit > Add your user and give them local (and optionally remote) launch (and optionally activation).
Access Permission > Edit > Same as above:

In SQL Server > MSDB DB > give the user permission to the database role db_ssisltduser and db_dtsoperator:


That is to give the user manual run access.
Also if you want to give the user ability to run SQLAgent, add the SQLAgentOperatorRole to it.

To give user access to read the SSISDB node folders, projects and packages: Using SSMS > Your ssis server > Integration Services node > right click on a folder inside SSISDB > Permissions > Browse > Add the user to give access to. Assign the two¬†permissions “Read” and “Read Object”, otherwise the project inside the folder will not be accessible.


Last Important Note:
Make sure the user has proper (read or write) access to the DBs and file system(s) this package is trying to run against.

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