Graphs with Big data

Vision. Spark.ML. MLLib. Data frame. SVD. Import.apache.spark.
CRIM: Centre recherche..
Spark. Group by reduce by Key.
Spark is not a hdfs hbase Cassandra. Gît.
Why graphs: Web semantics. Communities.
GraphLab. MS.
Graph Construction. Post-processing. Triangles.
Graphx: Vertex n edge tables
Val relationships rdd.vertex(string string)

Val graph=graph()
Save Vertices.saveAsObjectFile.
Usecases:Page rank. Triangles. Shortest page. Label propagande. Connected components.
Recommendation systems.
Email recipient recommended. NLP email content analysis.
Semantic layer on ontology.
Business Process Modeling Bpm. Cognitive computing. Process Mining.
Data set Enron: Darpa Calo Cognitive Assistant that learns and organizes. Assistant
Personal assistant. Vive.
Val ranks graphs.pageRank(0.0001).vertices
GraphFrame. Graph DB. InforG. Les réseaux hétérogènes

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