Lean Concepts

Lean: smoothening processes & eliminating waste.

Lean principles:

• Identify your Customer and their concept of what value is, that’s what they would pay for.

• Identify the value stream & thus what is not, i.e. what is waste.

• Enable value to flow by removing waste.

• Customer to Pull, to avoid waste.

Continuous improvement.


Minds > systems > outcomes: outcomes are results of systems, and systems are results of minds. One must change the minds first in order to change systems and then outcomes.

Lean concepts:

Heijunka: As DMAIC Improve:

leveling: smoothing production volumes to eliminate out-of-control variation & avoid peaks, to enable planning.

Sequencing: in date-order. Standardizing: a process to eliminate its variation. Document & flow diagram. Loop in continuous improvement: Standardize > stabilize > Improve.

Jidoka: Prevention. As DMAIC control. FMEA.

• Stop at every abnormality: employee can stop, e.g. by checking control chart.

• AutoNOmation: automation + with No defects: make machine stop at every defect. Helps detecting root causes early. And prevents subsequent defects.


•Single piece flow: quick QA after each event, converting waiting time waste into quality by QA.

•Pull Production:pull needed amount of input only when needed.

•Takt time: precise time of each event.

Goldratt theory of constraints – Loop:

1. Identify the constraint.

2. Exploit the constraint: maximize its output. 3. Subordinate (lower) other events.

4. Elevate the constraint. Repeat the loop for next constraint.


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