Power BI – Content Packs

Content packs are wraps of contents (reports, dashboards, data sets, etc.). You can share these with your colleagues and partners.

From the Configuration icon on your Power BI service


You can create content packs and share them with either users, entire organization, or just certain groups.


Then your users can consume this conent pack by going: Get Data from left-hand-side list:

Then > Content Packs Library > My Organization:

Then click on “Get” to choose this content pack from the list of content packs so all these contents will be added to your content:

Restrictions:You have read but not modify access to the content in the content pack. For example, you can not rename a data set from content pack. You can neither rename or share a dashboard from the content pack. You will see a Lock icon next to the dashboard name when you open it. But you can make a copy of it, and customize your new copy: when you select the “…” icon next to the dashbaord link:


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