Power BI Gateway

The Power BI gateway is a software (service/app) that enables you to connect from the Power BI service on the cloud to the on-premise (in-house) data sources in your company’s intranet.

There are two versions of the Power BI gateway: Personal and Enterprise (to be consumed by all users you choose in your organization).

Power BI Gateway Installation:
Install the power bi gateway from the web or from the Power BI service from the download icon, against the server you want to use to funnel your BI users to your BI data source:


You may get different notifications:

But otherwise, it is pretty straight forward:


Then you need to sign in to Power BI. Click on that button.

Power BI Gateway Configuration
After installation, you need to set up the name and recovery key for the gateway. This is the key that you will use if you ever re-installed your gateway in another server:

Then you are done:

Power BI Gateway data sources configuration
Click “Close & Add data sources”. You will then see the screen for configuring the data source.

Make sure to use the domain name before the user name, otherwise you will see this message:image30

You can return back to your data source > Go main Power BI window > Configure Icon > Manage Gateways (check above snapshot for the icon):


Now you can see the users tab > Add the users that will be able to use the gateway to connect to your on-premise data sources:

If you receive this message, you will need to map your Office365 users (which are normally emails like user1) to your Active Directory users, which are usually like YourCompanyDomainuser1.

You can do this mapping from the mapping button in the users tab of the gateway data source window:

This is a closer look and an example of the mapping:

If you decided to go move the server that hosts the gateway (say for security reasons or upgrades), you can re-install the gateway .exe file on the new gateway server, and choose “Restore Existing Gateway”:


Then all you need to do is choose the gateway name from a dropdown list, and type the recovery key you first chose when you first installed your gateway in the first server:


Consume the Gateway and its Data Source:
Once you install and configure your gateway and data sources, they will show in the list of data connections: you can consume them simply by choosing the data connection.

Go to the “Get Data” button on the left hand side list of your Power BI service >

Choose Databases >

You will see the data source of your gateway listed > Choose it:


Then its data set will show on the main left-hand-side list > Click this data set and you will be able to


That’s all for now!

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