Qlik Management Console – Proxies

Qlik Sense (and Qlikview too) has a admin panel called: Qlik Management Console. The admin can use it to manage contents, resources, governance, and the whole system. You can acces by browsing through: https://[object 1]/QMC


Proxies:A proxy is a gateway for users to access Qlik. This proxy can be identified by its ports, it has access and performance logging and header settings.
From Start menu > Configure System > Proxies > Choose a proxy (Central Proxy is the default), then double click on it to see and edit its settings:

Each proxy can have multiple virtual proxies, which are basically access and authentication modes for that proxy. Select Associated Items from the right menu of “edit Proxy” screen:

To edit a virtual proxy, double click on it – it has Header authentication, and whether or not anonymous users are allowed to access:


Three options for Header Authentication mode:
Not allowed
Static User Directory
Dynamic User Directory

Access for Anonymous User:
Not Alllowed
Allow Anonymous User
Always Anonymous User

Click apply to confirm your changes. Once you apply changes, the virtual proxy will be restarted, related sessions will be ended and users will be logged out:


Test it from remote machine > Accessible! And no authorization to build apps.

Change the security certificate of the Qlik proxy: From Proxy Edit. Tested: Green badlock isn’t showing.

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