Qlik Management Console – User Access

User Access:
You can check the users from the main QMC start menu:

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One can allocate and de-allocated users to and from tokens, the latter will convert the user into a Quarantined user. One can also delete the user from QMC Users. That converted it into a Deleted user:

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One can also I re-created the user directly or by injecting its credentials in a Ticket authentication request.

One can check the tokens and their allocations from the main QMC start menu:

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Tokens can be allocated to users, or unallocated to no user. If the token is recently allocated to a user, it is also unavailable. If the user was idol for a number of days of inactivity, the token becomes available again for reuse by same the user or different user. The system chooses randomly which (available or unallocated) tokens can be (re)used by new users. But you can choose to allocate users to tokens and deallocate them.
From the right hand side menu > Go > User Access Allocations:

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You can also limit which users can get access, through the user access rules and login access rules, also accessible from the right hand menu:

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After you apply the user access rules, you can check which users this rules applies to, by checking the Users link in the right hand side menu (above snapshot).

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