Qlik Sense Data Integration

To integrate data into Qlik Sense, choose “Add data” from the secondary menu. The following screen will show:


Let’s choose OLE DB for our example. The following screen will show:

You can set the data source connection parameters and hit the arrow button at the bottom of the screen. Now you can choose or change the DB name, schema, tables and columns you want to include in your data model:

You can choose either “Load data and finish”, or “Prepare data” to tune your data load further. I chose the latter. The data will start loading:


You will land into the Data Manager window:

To manage the tables, click on the “Modify” icon on the table board. You will be thus landed into the table modification screen:


In this screen, you can rename your table, add calculated fields, change field names, etc.

Following are the sections numerated:
1. Here you can rename the table.
2. You can add a calculated field.
3. You can rename columns.
4. You can choose/modify the column format.
5. You can change the source of the data.

When you choose to create a Calculated field, the following window will show on the right side:


Here is each section numerated:
1. Here you choose the function configurations.
2. Here you choose the base field.
3. Here you add operators.
4. Here you choose the function type: Date, String, Numeric, etc.
5. Here you choose the field function.
6. Here you develop your expression.

Qlik builds automatic associations between tables if they contain the same field name. If they don’t you will need to associate the fields. Here is how: From the bottom of the Data Manager window, select “Associations”. You will land to this window:


Here are the sections numerated:
1. Here is the association drop-box.
2. Here Qlik recommends to you pairs of matching fields based on similar field types and values.
3. In this section you see the two tables concerned by the association.

Select the proper pair of fields, and they will be highlighted, and you can rename both fields as such:

Once done the association is built and it will show in the “Current” grey box. Just save it by clicking “Done” button from the top left corner:

Then click “Save” button.

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