Retail Analytics – Entities and modules

Here I list some domain model entities, processes, measures and dimensions that are heavily used in the retail sector and related domains.


  • Purchase Orders: Quantity vs. cost. Ordered vs. Received merchandise. Times of ordering, expected time of delivery, actual time of delivery. This is by Supplier.

Marketing: Prospects, Customers, VIPs, Staffs, Segments, Marketing campaigns, campaign actions, channels, Mail and Email sends, pitches.

Stock: Inventory movements, including: purchase order, return to vendor (RTV), sales, Transfer-In, Transfer-Out, In-Transit in (into the inventory), In-Transit out (leaving the inventory), Layaway, Shrink, Markdowns.
On-hand cost vs. retail, and quantity. Turnover. Out of stock (OOS).

Sales: sales vs. returns quantities, and cost vs. retail amounts. Cost of goods sold (COGS). Net Sales quantity, being the sales minus the receipts. Dimensions: per day, store, product, SKU – color and size,

Pricing: Current vs. Historic. Price changes. Markdowns (difference between latest vs. previous retail prices multiplied by the quantities). Markups (the difference between the selling aka retail prices and the cost price). Analysis dimensions: Per product – Sku and per date and hour.

Planning: Planned and forecasted sales, orders, and stock movements. Dimensions: per division, department and sub-department and by products, and sales persons. Measures: Approved quantities, dollar amounts, and cost vs. retail amounts.

Time-based analysis:

BOP – including BOW, BOM, BOY.

EOP – including EOW, EOM, EOY.

This Period vs. Last Period: This vs. Last week, This vs. last month, This vs. last year.

Period to Day: Week to day, month, to day, Year to day. And This vs. last period Period to day.

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